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Tile Refinishing by NuFinishPro

Restore the Brilliance of your Bathroom Tile with NuFinishPro’s Tile Refinishing Services

Hotel shower refinishing before and after

Hotel bathroom floors and vanities take a beating from daily wear and tear by guests and staff cleanings. This constant wear leaves behind scuff marks, stains, water marks, discoloration, and scratches. These marks degrade the appearances of your overall bathrooms, causing them to look lifeless and worn out.

Tile refinishing process can restore your tile to like-new conditions at a fraction of replacement costs. NuFinishPro can easily refinish tiles including ceramic, glass, porcelain, stone, backsplashes, countertops, and some walls.

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Our tile refinishing process will restore your hotel bathroom to look like new again while saving cost when compared to tile replacement. NuFinishPro will:

  • Mask off all work areas and replace any loose or missing grout
  • Deep clean the tile and grout lines with a deep-cleaning solution and make all necessary repairs
  • Thoroughly sand the tile and grout lines
  • Apply our bonding agent to the surface
  • Apply multiple coats of topcoat in the color of your choice
  • Upon completion, remove the masking, remove any trash, and clean the worksite.
  • After the coating is completely dry, the tile is ready for use.

If you want to have your tile refinished the right way the first time, call NuFinishPro! We guarantee you’ll love the updated look and feel, as well as the 75% savings over replacement cost.

NuFinishPro understands that a hotel room can not be down for more than 24 hours at any given time. We do our best to get the job done right the first time.

Simply stated, a warranty is only as good as the company that stands behind it. NuFinishPro has been in the tile refinishing business since 1987. Let us put our decades of experience to work for you. NuFinishPro warranties labor and material for 3 years. However, warranty always excludes accidental damage or failure to follow care and maintenance instructions.

About NuFinishPro

NuFinishPro has been refinishing bathrooms and showers since 1987. We are able to refinish tiles while reducing waste going into our landfills. Did you know that 50% of all the waste from our landfills comes from the construction industry? NuFinishPro is committed to being eco-friendly and reducing carbon footprints during construction. NuFinishPro paint-free refinishing can revive your existing bathroom to look like new again while eliminating construction waste. Refinish, don’t replace. NuFinishPro technicians will refinish, resurface, or re-glaze your bathtub or shower, while you reduce waste and lower your cost.

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