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Safety Step Walk-in Bathtub Conversion

Safety Step Walk-in Bathtub Conversion for Easy Step-in Access to your Bathtub

Increase bathroom safety with a Safety Step step-in bathtub conversion, a safer and easier option for disability access to your bathtub. A Safety Step is a great way to provide accessibility to your bathtub or shower, with no need to pay for a pricey bathroom renovation or a new tub. Using a simple cut-out process, the new walk-in conversion can be made to your existing bathtub.

The Safety Step provides your bathroom with accessibility and reduces the risk of falls. There is no better way to provide safer access to your existing tub while increasing convenience and safety.

Safety step

The Safety Step allows easy step-in access to your existing tub by lowering a portion of the bathtub side wall to provide easier and safer access to your shower.

The watertight door is also available for your tub, so you can step in and close it to take a bath. There’s an “Ultra-low” option, too, which adds step-in access to a high-profile walk-in tub and shower, helping to reduce the possibility of falls.

The removable water-tight side wall provides safe, flexible, easy access to your bathroom shower by allowing step-in or step-over access to your bathtub. It has a removable side wall unit that you can lift up and lock in to place. This provides flexibility for your changing needs, allowing you to take a shower or use the bathtub as you please.

Step tub

NuFinishPro will perform walk-in tub conversions for all existing bathtub types, including fiberglass, acrylic, steel, and cast Iron. Please see the information below for the models available.

NuFinishPro can refinish your bathroom surfaces and add disability access to your bathtub with a safety walk-in step. We have a number of different models to choose from, and there is no better way to provide shower or tub access than with a safety step-in accommodation.

Safety step

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